Unique Wedding Centerpieces Centerpieces are the focal point of any reception. They can be simple, elaborate, elegant, casual, and even quirky. No matter the design and no matter the price tag, centerpieces cannot highlight the

Casual Wedding Hairstyles The dress code for casual weddings comes in simple gowns and the not-so-elaborate hairstyles. This calls for a time to actually let your hair down and enjoy the time of your life.

The Right Fall Wedding Decorations There are many important purchases for the wedding planner, but the fall wedding decorations are among the most important. The right decorations can make the wedding great, while the wrong

Outdoor Wedding Decoration An outdoor wedding have many advantages against the conventional wedding which is always an indoor type of wedding. For one it is cheaper on the pocket and there’s basically no shortage of

Bridal Hair-do’s Hair is a major part of what gives us our good looks. When our hair looks bad, the whole day suffers! You don’t want this to happen on one of the most special

Unique Wedding Favors When planning a wedding, choosing the perfect wedding favor is a detail that often gets overlooked amid choosing the right dress, best catering and most beautiful flowers. Wedding favors are an opportunity