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Glamorous Wedding Venues

Couples nowadays are often looking to stand out with their wedding. Gone are the days where everyone dreamed of having a big white fairytale; quirky, unusual weddings are becoming much more fashionable. Finding a wedding venue with a twist really can add something particularly special to the big day.

Having your celebrations in a tent, whether choosing the more traditional marquee or a fun and cosy tepee, could be the answer you’ve been looking for. Even those who do not express much love for the great outdoors may still fall head over heels for a wedding under canvas because the atmosphere you can create in this setting is just so intimately beautiful.

This style of wedding can be perfect for those on a tight budget, but it is also easy to spend a lot on this sort of wedding venue if you’re not careful, because everything from tables and chairs to flooring and heating must be hired. However, with a little organisation and resourcefulness, there is no reason why you can’t find the perfect venue within your price range.

The main benefit of tents is that they are hugely flexible, extremely adaptable and can cater to almost any sort of wedding. Couples are able to have much more stylistic control over their big day than they would be able to in a built venue because they are working with a blank canvas. It is this which is the attractive selling point for so many; you can be sure that your wedding will be completely one of a kind.

Additionally, with so many different sized tents available, it is quite feasible to have both the ceremony and reception in this venue. To create even more interest, a cluster of tents could be used so that guests have, for example, a separate bar area or space for a cloakroom and a cool snug or hideout for children. The possibilities and combinations are endless and there really are a wealth of benefits to this style of wedding, so it is worth looking into the possibilities before writing it all off as ‘glamping’ nonsense. But, what kinds of tents are actually available?

Marquees are perfect for couples who value flexibility. These can fit in almost any shaped space and because they are available in such a range of sizes, they cater to large and small wedding parties alike. The decoration can be completely decided by the bridal couple themselves and there are a number of different styles of marquee that may be the perfect match to your wedding theme.

Firstly, there is the Frame Marquee, which consists of a metal frame around the outside holding the canvas up, rather than poles inside. This style allows completely free space inside, without having to accommodate poles.

In contrast to this, the Traditional Marquee does have poles inside. Its roof is more swooping than a frame marquee and can look very elegant and romantic. Having poles inside the tent is not a problem for most couples, as they are often wrapped in flowers and incorporated into the decoration design. However, this style of marquee, unlike the frame type, does require some clear space around the outside because it is erected with guy ropes. So make sure that there is sufficient room in the place where it will be situated.

There are some other varieties of marquee, including the ‘shabby-chic’ Vintage Pole type, which would be perfect for those wanting an old-fashioned vintage wedding. Alternatively, the Chinese Hat Marquee can provide a more contemporary twist and is ideal as a bar or hang-out area, or even as a striking entrance or porch to a larger marquee.

With most of these styles, walls are detachable, so they boast versatility and can be adapted around whatever you have in mind.

This venue is a quirky alternative to a marquee and offers a very intimate wedding celebration, which is perhaps a little more informal. As they don’t have corners, tepees create a sociable environment and people will circulate in and out from the middle. If you are considering a big wedding, a Kata tent may be a more desirable option, as this is like a giant tepee and will hold more people.

These styles have such a personal feel and can be used to completely reflect the personalities of the bride and groom by the way in which they are decorated. They lend themselves well to Arabian or oriental styled celebrations, although these are attractive venues for many weddings, whether themed or not, and can look truly stunning when decorated with flowers, lanterns or a winter log fire.

The weather should not be a put-off here, because many companies provide heating or cooling options with the tepees, so these beauties can be used all year round.

A yurt is a rounded style of tent. These are not only available as a wedding venue, but can be used as accommodation tents. They can be large, small, long, and pavilion shaped, so their flexibility is great. For a completely different wedding night, the married couple may like to hire a yurt to sleep in, or even hire a cluster for more wedding guests. This certainly is the most glamorous and memorable camping experience existing!

Of course, there is an even larger range of tents that could be used as part of your wedding festivities. One thing is certain though; having your wedding in a tent could make for the most unique, beautiful and memorable big day imaginable.

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