Outdoor Wedding Venues Toronto So you’ve found your prince charming and are eagerly awaiting your wedding day. Now begins the challenge – wedding planning. One of the most exciting parts of planning can be choosing

garden wedding reception Every bride wants their day to be special and memorable so what better way to do that than having a garden wedding reception. This is a popular way to end your wedding,

Blue Bridesmaid Dresses Blue has long been associated with weddings, because it stands for fidelity. Blue also happens to be a lovely color that flatters almost everyone who wears it. When you are looking for

Wedding Cake Toppers Funny Recently, a wedding video featuring the bride and the groom entering the wedding hall to the tune of the popular hit ‘Forever’ became a huge viral hit, attracting over 15 million

Beach Wedding Dress Beach wedding dresses must be up to the task of being very romantic while, at the same time, doing well in the special beach ingredients of sand, wind and sea. You have

Bridal Shower Decorations Rustic Are you planning a wedding, engagement party or bridal shower party? Would you like a theme that will wow your guests and make it an event to remember? A rustic theme

Renaissance Wedding Dress Every woman wants the most memorable and romantic wedding possible. There is one wedding gown that makes this possible to do with very little effort. The distinct look of a renaissance wedding