Jamesport Vineyards Wedding
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Jamesport Vineyards Wedding

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Jamesport Vineyards Wedding

Vineyards are some of the most beautiful and well-kept places on earth.

Filled with beautiful plants, vines, and neat rows, vineyards are one of the best environments to host a wedding because of the serenity of the natural environment and the beauty of the scenery.

Vineyards are usually set on large acres of land, so you can host a large, lavish affair or a small intimate ceremony.

As vineyards have to be looked after on a daily basis and well-maintained to reap a good harvest you can be sure that the venue offered for your wedding celebrations will be meticulous and of a very high standard.

The venue management will also be aware of weather patterns and if the weather on your wedding day turns out to be a bit inclement, most vineyard venues will have areas under shelter that are used specifically for weddings and other events.

So whatever the day may bring, your bridal party and guests will not have to worry about the day being affected by bad weather.

Decorations for your vineyard wedding can be simple and elegant to match the environment. Most vineyards are typically set on rolling hills or plains with lots of trees so you already have a wonderful backdrop to start with.

An addition to this natural scenery would be colorful flowers that match the style and feeling of your wedding day. Many people also use lanterns while on the vineyards for evening weddings as these create a warm, soft and natural enhancement to the venue.

When the official ceremony is over and it’s time to relax and enjoy the wedding reception with your guests you can relax and enjoy the day knowing that everything has been set up just the way you want it in a beautiful location.

A vineyard wedding reception amongst the vines is a very romantic atmosphere with tables set beautifully, candles and lanterns to create ambience and food and wine for everyone to enjoy.

Ask the vineyard to use wine bottles as vases for flowers and candles and use the barrels as tables for gifts and hors d’oeuvres.

The memorable part of being married at a vineyard is of course the wine.

As a memento, for yourself and your guests, you can have a special wine made for the day of your wedding and create an individual label that represents what the day means to you as a lovely memento.

This wine can be served throughout the day and when the day is over and your guests are leaving, you can give each guest a gift of a bottle of wine to say thank you for making your day so special with their attendance.

Embracing the vineyard as the location of the most important day of your life will make the laughter, love and wine a little bit sweeter.

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