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Laguna Beach Wedding Venues

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Laguna Beach Wedding Venues

Laguna Beach is a playground for wedding photography. With it’s many high end wedding venues and gorgeous coastal scenery, this piece of Southern California provides many great sites for beautiful wedding and engagement photography. No wonder it is so popular amongst Orange County wedding photographers.

For engagement photography, there is plenty of shoreline with flavor and backdrops to provide great photos within Laguna. Heisler Park is one my favorites owning a neat little gazebo and a spectacular view.

A couple of my preferred locations for actual wedding photography are Tivoli Too!, and Occasions. Tivoli Too is a beautiful place to photograph weddings. Having your wedding photographs shot here will provide an artistic European backdrop to every photo with the European courtyard, the cascading waterfall surrounded by flowers and dramatic hillside. Envision verandas with ceiling fans that overlook a European style courtyard, and twinkling lights at night. Very nice, very classy. Moving on to Occasions, In the opinion of this Laguna Beach wedding photographer, this venue is unbelievable! Your wedding photography will never be better with the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean.

The beach front wedding photographs will simply come alive with the crashing of each wave and the romance of the setting sun. Simply beautiful! Your wedding photography will be worth its weight in gold at Occasions. These locations are great to combine both the ceremony and reception.

Having your wedding photography or engagement photography in Laguna Beach is an excellent idea. With classy venues and beautiful coastal scenery your wedding and/or engagement photos are sure to be quite impressive.

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