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Newport Wedding Venues

Orange County has a number of great locations for shooting wedding portraits. Many brides choose to shoot on a Yacht at Pacific Avalon in Newport Beach. Before deciding to shoot in such a location the party should consider the advantages and disadvantages the decision will have on their wedding portraits.

A Yachts at Pacific Avalon are smaller than those of other wedding locations. Because of this size limitation, a photographer will not be able to get large group shots without using a wide angle lens. Hence you should look closely at pictures that have been taken with a wide angle and determine if the effect and style is one that you you like with your wedding pictures. Also, your photographer should have much extensive experience shooting with a wide angle lense. For some photographers shooting at a wide angle is a rare experience and will not be well equipted to deal with the space limitations that are inherent to a yacht.

The yachts have great natural lighting. Outdoors of course, there is natural sunlight. At the right time of day, with light reflecting off of the water, there is an opportunity to catch so great subject backlighting. However, if the wedding is on deck in the middle of the day, the light might be harsh and there is not a lot of shade to mitigate this harsh effect. Planning the outdoor events at the time with best available lighting is critical to getting stunning wedding portraits.

The yachts have numerous windows which is helpful to getting excellent natural lighting shots during the day. At night the might artificial lighting might, for effect, may be limited. Photographers should be prepared to shoot with long shutter speeds to allow in enough light.

While there is nothing quite like getting a shot of a bride and groom looking over the deck of a yacht with the ocean and city lights in the background, a wedding planner should consider the phographic background limitations that exist when shooting on a yacht. You will not be able to get any beach shots, there are no trees or rocks to provide shade and a varied background and the number different backgrounds are limited.

Orange County’s Newport Beach has great locations for great wedding portraits. Pacific Avalon is one of those locations; however, before booking on a wedding on yacht, the couple should be aware of the location related advantages and disadvantages.

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