Unusual Weddings Ideas
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Unusual Weddings Ideas

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Unusual Weddings Ideas

There is always that yearning for every bride to have the most unique wedding celebration. For many couples, weddings are the most important and sacred event in their lives. Because of the changing trends and preferences, many couples have found traditional church weddings a bit outdated and tedious and have gone for more exciting and exceptional wedding celebrations through booking unusual wedding venues. Is it even possible?

There is no doubting that together with the progress in the fashion industry in terms of unique wedding dresses, wedding venues have changed altogether. Couples have no longer been celebrating their weddings in churches, hotels, or backyards but in far more extravagant places. This is a guide to unusual wedding venues for the adventurous brides-to-be.

Couples who are animal lovers would love to celebrate their wedding in a barn or in a zoo surrounded with haystacks or barn animals. For the more exotic types, couples would also prefer to have animals like tigers, snakes, and jaguars in their wedding party. Zoos like The Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle or Chester Zoo in England have been diversifying their activities to adapt to the changing trends by offering their location as one of the most unusual wedding destinations. Moreover, couples may even prefer to have a themed wedding party like Butterfly Gardens or ethnic villages.

In addition to that, there are also other unusual wedding locations that might be of interest to those who love the winter season. Couples could dress up in white ski clothes and get married in venues below zero temperatures. The Absolut Ice Bar in London is one of the many venues that can offer couples this unique experience. If couples are interested in more outlandish locations, wedding planners can also offer a North Pole wedding or a Mount Everest Peak Wedding – definitely amongst the most unusual wedding venues ever thought of!

For couples who are more into extreme altitudes, some would prefer a wedding on a plane, on top of a plane, or even when bungee jumping! Aside from plane weddings, some space institutes can also offer couples zero-gravity wedding venues or wedding ceremonies held while being launched to space – imagine being able to exchange vows will floating in mid-air! It would definitely be amazing! If couples are not entirely the high-altitude loving pairs and prefer more damp wedding venues, couples could go for a wedding under the ocean along with aquatic animals and a diving priest. If not, couples could also book their wedding venue in aquariums where bridesmaids can dress as mermaids.

If the husband-to-be is a sports enthusiast, it would also be a good idea to book a wedding in a sports stadium – while millions of sports fans watch you on television. But if all else fails, why not book yourself in a fast food chain where you met? Now isn’t that the most unusual wedding venue you could possibly think of.

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