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Irvine Wedding Venue

Irvine is one of the nicest cities in the state California. It is located in the county of Orange and has a total area of 180.5 square kilometer. The area is really nice with regard to its locality, environment and inhabitants. The people of Irvine are seemed to be exceptionally hospital and are mostly seemed busy in their day to day activities. No matter you reside in one of the beautiful homes or want to shift with your family to Irvine in near future, Irvine homes are something which you must learn about. Beautifully designed architecture and eye-catching aesthetics are few of the most common features of the Irvine homes and Irvine apartments.

There are a number of real estate agents offering their humble services to outside as well as domestic people in getting their home or apartment in Irvine. Internet can also be used to solve your task to a greater extent. There are a number of websites dedicated to the Irvine homes and Irvine apartments. Most of these websites belong to the real estate agents of Irvine while other are private landlords. There are various districts in Irvine offering homes and apartments with a varied price range. Prices are mostly dependent on the locality rather than the lot size. But still lot and the size of the home plays a vital role in the determination of the price.

Northwood Pointe:

Northwood Pointe is considered as one of the various business districts in the city of Irvine. Offering some really nice building and business architectures, the Irvine homes and Irvine apartments are comparatively of higher prices as compare to other localities in the region. An extra ordinary 5 bed, 4,600 square feet size with a lot size of 9,500 square feet is starting from $1,828,000. Similarly Gardenia offers price ranges of up to $1,799,000 for 5 or 6 beds and 4,400 square feet size.

Oak Creek Homes

Oak creek homes comprises a major portion of the homes and Irvine apartments. The homes are beautifully designed and furnished with most having a modern architecture. Offering highly aesthetically appealing look, the price ranges of Irvine homes in the region are starting from as low as $259,000 for only 2 beds to as high as $1,099,000 with 4 beds. Ashford is considered as one of the best places in the Oak creek and offers some really appealing street of Irvine.

Shady Canyon West:

Shady Canyon West and Shady Canyon East are among the regions which are not developed in Irvine homes or Irvine apartments. But still the price ranges of these Irvine homes are very high as compare to other developed region. Irvine homes in Shady Canyon West are starting from $2,700,000 for 4 beds to $17,500,000 with 5 luxurious beds.

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