Historical Wedding Venues Nj
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Historical Wedding Venues NJ

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Historical Wedding Venues NJ

Unusual wedding venues are becoming more and more people nowadays as people strive to find new and interesting places to get married. Not a week goes by without someone getting married in anew and unusual location or a couple who have got hitched in an unusual way or had a ceremony in a certain type of fancy dress or that had themed there service to resemble a popular TV series or movie set.

Unusual Outdoor Wedding Venues

Some people that want a memorable and unique wedding site choose to get married in the great outdoors in a forest, on a farm, an area of natural beauty or on the coast on a beach. This is a great way to get married with the wind in your hair and sun in your eyes if the weather holds out for you, which it’s unlikely to in Britain, particularly if you’ve been planning the wedding day for some months in advance. It’s unlikely to be sunny exactly on the day that you’ve chosen even if you choose a date in the summer months.

Unusual Historical Wedding Venues

A common location for an unusual wedding is a historic landmark, or ruin, somewhere of national importance of times gone by. By choosing to get married in such an unusual location you can wow your friends and guests with your wedding photographs. These types of wedding sites are ideal in some ways as if they are already popular touristic sites, there is usually some infrastructure in place such as running water, catering, parking and the all important toilet facilities. In addition you’re likely to attract an additional crowd from tourists looking on. Historic churches, castles and stately homes are the most popular of these types of wedding venues as they have picturesque surrounding landscaped gardens and countryside ideal for the backdrop of group wedding photographs.

Unusual Sport Related Wedding Venues

If a couple is into a particularly interested in a certain sport either as a spectator or as enthusiast the choosing an associated sports complex for the wedding venue is the ideal choice. Say they were into playing gold in their spare time they may want to combine the wedding with a golf themed wedding and get married in the clubhouse of a golf course that offers wedding ceremonies as well as catering services. The added advantage of these types of venue is their location in relation the transport links, available parking, catering services as well as accommodation in some cases. Another advantage of getting married particularly on a golf course is that you can play a round of golf on the wedding day or during the weekend.

The options for choosing unusual venues are endless, just close your eyes and think where would I like to get married, what scenery and facilities do I need close by and you’ll find that you’ll come up with a whole list of possible unique wedding venues that you’d not thought of other than the traditional church wedding.

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