Nj Tent Wedding Venues
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NJ Tent Wedding Venues

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NJ Tent Wedding Venues

Tented weddings are beautiful, but the same cannot always be said for the tent itself. At every weddings, there are elements which are practical, but not particularly attractive. The solution? Decorate them! These are some tips on how to beautify your wedding tent and other areas of your event.

You take care to make every detail of your wedding as pretty as possible, right? From carefully selecting the perfect handcrafted bridal jewelry to sampling all those cake flavors to get just the right one, most brides leave no detail untended. (And boy is it a hard job eating cake and shopping for fabulous handcrafted bridal jewelry!) Give your wedding venue that same level of attention and care to ensure that nothing detracts from the overall beauty of your special day.

Unless you rent a tent without poles, you are going to have to do something about the tent supports which will be within your reception space. Left unadorned, the metal tent poles are something of an eyesore and will certainly do nothing for the style of your wedding! One solution is to dress them with fabrics. The poles can simply be wrapped with material, but for an even more elegant effect, hang actual draperies on them. Choose sumptuous fabrics which will add a wonderfully luxurious element to your reception decor.

Flowers can be another excellent way to camouflage those unsightly tent poles. Chains of daisies wound around the posts are an adorable addition to a country wedding. For an autumn reception, you could use hardy mums instead in warm rich colors. It would be especially pretty to vary the colors of the flowers. Not only will the poles be hidden, you will be adding a gorgeous decoration that will transform the entire interior of the tent.

When inclement weather threatens, it is important to rent sides for your tent which can be closed to keep out the rain and wind. Your guests will be glad for the comfort, but to be honest, the tent walls with those little plastic windows are not the most gorgeous thing you will ever see. Why not dress them up to make them a part of your wedding design instead of just something utilitarian? It would be adorable to whip up curtains to dress those plastic windows and beautify them. If you want something quick and easy to do, rent a bunch of potted trees or topiaries to place in front of the tent walls and break up all that plain white canvas.

What about the umbrellas that provide shade for outdoor tables? The fabric itself is probably attractive enough, but the pole and supports on the underside of the umbrellas are not anything special to look at. If your wedding is in the daytime, think about wrapping the poles with flowers, just as you would tent posts. For the evening hours, wraps strands of tiny white lights around the posts to make them a decorative element. A really cute idea would be to suspend lots and lots of tiny candle globes from the underside of the tent (use battery operated flameless candles for safety if the flames would be too near the fabric of the umbrella). These are great ways to turn something utilitarian into something beautiful. Rather than detracting from your decor, these beautified posts, poles, and tent walls will enhance the atmosphere of your wedding.

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