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For some couples their guests are crucial elements of the wedding day, and they want to say thank you with luxurious unique wedding favors. These are favors that usually cost more than ten dollars apiece, and are truly best reserved for smaller, more intimate weddings where the bride and groom know all of the guests closely. For these special weddings, a whole world of luxury wedding favors awaits.

What Kind of Luxury Favors Can I Give my Guests?

The first thing to think about is what kind of hobbies or things you enjoy as a couple, then build off of those passions. Say you like wine: you could give your guests personalized wine bottles with glasses so they can enjoy the wine when they get home. Love chocolate, splurge and get a box of artistic chocolates for each of your guests. Love to be pampered? Put together a spa bag with your favorite goodies, one for your female and one for your male guests. The point is to share what you love in a big way with the people you love.

Tips and Tricks

The reason that luxury wedding favors work best in small weddings is that the financial stress is less than a big wedding, and you also know your guests well enough to know what they will and will not like. These favors are all about saying “thank you for being part of our special day”, and “we love you” to your guests, and party crashers are a lot less likely to come to a smaller wedding. You must prioritize your needs, but if luxury wedding favors are within your budget, your guests will most assuredly be thrilled.

Perhaps one of the best perks of luxury wedding favors is getting to try them out for yourself before giving them to your guests. So, what are you waiting for?

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