Average Cost Of A Wedding In California
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Average Cost of A Wedding in California

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Average Cost of A Wedding in California

If you are planning your wedding and have to watch that budget, there are beautiful, romantic, and very affordable locations on the West Coast. California weddings emulate breezy style and casual luxury. And just like in any city, if you’re trying to stick to a budget, choose your day wisely. The most expensive day of the week to have your wedding is on a Saturday because most weddings take place on this day.

Choosing this popular day automatically raises the cost of anything that you have to rent or anyone who you have to hire to help you. The month that you choose to get married also plays a big role in the cost of California weddings. November to April weddings will be much cheaper than weddings that take place in the summer. And lucky for you, this State has quite a bit of sunshine all year long.

The great thing about beach California weddings is you can plan a glamorous beach ceremony to fit any budget. When you’re on a tight budget, you can obtain a license, hire an officiant, and have an intimate affair on any number of California’s beaches that adorn the state. The good news is, for a fraction of the cost, you’ll still have a million dollar view.

One thing about beach California weddings is the undesirable “June gloom,” that hovers over your sandy location usually in late May and early June. It’s a grey marine layer that sticks around and prevents the sun from shining until about 4 or 5 in the afternoon. So, if you’re planning a beach wedding, best to set your date for the end of June or even later to avoid the June gloom effect.

If you’d rather get married amid a more tranquil, spiritual environment, then Big Sur, Yosemite or even Mount Shasta are great spots for California weddings. The Monterey Peninsula also offers a breathtaking coastline and miles of beautiful beaches, towering cliffs and the most dramatic ocean views in the world. Definitely don’t rule out a vineyard wedding. Both Napa and Santa Barbara Wine Countries will have affordable venues if you do a bit of research. No matter where you have your wedding in California, choose the day of the week and time of year wisely to make your cash stays with you for a bit further. Keep the guest list light and theme simple and your dream wedding can remain luxurious yet affordable.

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