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San Francisco Outdoor Wedding Venues

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San Francisco Outdoor Wedding Venues

Your wedding day is almost here! You’ve probably started taking the necessary steps associated with the big day: hiring service providers, establishing dates, choosing colors, etc. If you’re getting married in the bay area, love the sites, or are a native of the location, you may be searching for a San Francisco wedding photographer.

Traditionally, wedding photographers followed the day’s events with a professional eye, making sure to capture the chapel, the vows, the wedding cake, etc. In recent times, photographers have become a bit more creative in taking pictures with the bride, groom, and their maids and groomsmen. Often, wedding photographers in San Francisco take advantage of the bay area’s sites to come up with truly unique, candid and classic shots. The following locations are often used by photographers in the San Francisco area.


It has been an ongoing joke for years and continues to inspire laughter in married couples – marriage is often assimilated to jail time or a prison sentence. Some jocular-minded couples enjoy taking a ferry ride out to the island for a wedding photo shoot. A few ideas:

-Picture with groom behind bars with bride holding the keys

-Bride and groom together bound together with handcuffs

-Groom behind bars with groomsmen on the outside looking in

The prison idea may be a bit ironic, but it is a unique idea that may have you and your loved one laughing for years to come.

Fisherman’s Wharf

PIER 39 is a premier attraction of San Francisco natives and visitors. The pier hosts a festival-like marketplace with over a hundred stores and an array of restaurants. There are many opportunities for fun shots as well as those including the beautiful bay as a backdrop. A few ideas:

-The groom handing the bride money in front of a store

-The bride and groom looking out into the bay

-The groom attempting to win the bride a concession prize

There are a lot of opportunities for candid pictures at the Wharf. A San Francisco wedding photographer can benefit from learning more about the personality of the couple as well as the bride and groom as individuals.

Muir Woods

Muir Woods resides just outside of San Francisco via the Golden Gate Bridge. The forest hosts some of the most beautifully-tall and eldest trees on earth. The woods offer a very romantic setting and a lot of opportunities for a creative wedding photographer. A few ideas:

-Groom penning a heart into a tree

-Bride and groom holding hands walking through the woods

-Bride hiding from the groom behind a tree

Hopefully you can extract some great ideas from this article or it helps you develop some ideas of your own.

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