Palace Hotel San Francisco Wedding Cost
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Palace Hotel San Francisco Wedding Cost

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Palace Hotel San Francisco Wedding Cost

You want to remember some moments of your life and you want to forget the rest. Your wedding is one of the most memorable and best events that you will want to remember forever. Your wedding can be remembered solely in your mind, or through your mind and a couple or three really great photo albums. It is a universal truth that memories will fade in time. It happens to everyone and is just one of those inescapable things about life. To bring back some of your most important memories you need to capture them on. What better way to capture one of the happiest days of your life then through wedding photography, and what better a location to shoot your wedding photographs than in the beautiful Bay City of San Francisco, California. San Francisco and the Bay Area in general have many great locations to get some great wedding photography shot.

There are probably hundreds and hundreds of great locations to get wedding photography done in San Francisco. There is an abundance of picturesque architecture, great places stunning with their sheer natural beauty, and that ever-unpredictable San Franciscan weather. Despite the many gorgeous locations that San Francisco and the Bay Area have to offer you, there are only a few ideal places where you can get the perfect wedding photos shot at. The Bay City has locations to suit whatever your tastes of backgrounds, location, weather, and more are. If you are looking for a backdrop with architecture, then the Palace of Fine Arts is just for you.

The Palace of Fine Arts offers many wonderful examples of classical architecture, which will lend you an amazing background in your wedding photographs. If classical architecture does not fit your tastes and you have always loved the beach, then Baker’s Beach is perfect! Photos taken of your and your beloved at Baker’s Beach will include the beautiful backdrop of the famous Golden Gate Bridge. If you want a more natural scene, Baker’s Beach has some magnificent boulders and moss covered rocks that will make your wedding photographs truly unique.

If you have been to the beach enough or if you think that wedding photographs taken at the beach are too cliché for you and your partner, then you should try the Legion of Honor building (it doubles as a pretty interesting museum during the day) with its majestic columns and architecture. If buildings and the beach aren’t your thing, then the Golden Gate Park might be a great location for you. The Golden Gate Park comes replete with a lake (Stowe Lake) and a waterfall that lends a touch of the exotic to your photographs.

Memories can be fleeting but photographs are forever. Your wedding is something that you want to remember for yourself and for your future progeny. You want to look back on your photographs and marvel at the architectural and natural beauty of the scenes where you and your partner were shot. If you’re thinking of getting your wedding photography done in San Francisco, then these are the places to look at.

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