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Destination weddings are in – everyone following bridal trends knows that. But, what makes a destination wedding, such as a beach ceremony by sunset or a theme tropical wedding all the more special is the kind of planning that goes into making it the perfect day for the couple involved and also making the people close to them feel just as special.

For this reason, many families (and some sensitive friends too) are reportedly choosing to sign gift registries as co-presenters in granting the bride and groom with an unforgettable beach holiday package by gifting a stay at the best Bali honeymoon villas as a wedding present, reveal lifestyle magazines. This change in perspective comes by way of more discerning global travelers realizing the need to gift a newly wedded couple the most precious commodity in today’s days of hectic and frenzied living. The luxury, comforts and understated elegance of the top-end Bali wedding villa packages on offer currently then, proves to combine all the necessary hotel amenities minus any of the intrusive presence of too many staff members or guests sharing facilities.

Also, typically, only a very intimate circle of family or friends is handpicked for attending a destination wedding because of the cost involved in flying everyone in and arranging for their stay. So, this allows the couple involved to indulge themselves a little more in planning their honeymoon a lot more lavishly than they would have been able to, had they organized a ceremony back home as opposed to a luxury Bali wedding villa.

Therefore, the savings from keeping the guest list limited can be directed towards leasing a more personal and lasting way to make memories, building intimacy and warmth and enjoying being served on hand and foot. That’s courtesy the professionally trained, but friendly in-house staff at the Bali honeymoon villas property, the best looking into the personal interests and medical/dietary requirements of guests at the time of booking, so the kitchen is stocked with these vital items before the guests arrive.

With such thoughtfulness going into making the guests enjoy the most cherished time of their lives, it is no surprise that a Bali wedding villa package ranks high on the list of those looking to holiday and honeymoon in style, comfort, luxury and with their own private beach space!

That these offer definitely more elbow room is clear from the features on offer, such as attached private garden and lap pool/sun deck. However, it is advisable to look into certain basic features if wanting the perfect ambiance of a private beach ceremony and post-ceremony celebrations in the venue of choice. As, a Bali wedding villa should grant you not just more space, but more amenities and a place that makes the wedded couple and any guests of theirs, feel more at home than any hotel complex.

After all, what’s a romantic escape without the elements of romance? So, look for your type of size and decor of the villas – canopy beds, Jacuzzi bathrooms, chef-on-call etc. – to set the tone for intimacy and fun. The best Bali honey villas, will offer these features and more!

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