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Kenwood Wedding Venues

If you are troubled by the stressful circumstances and the monotony of your everyday life, considering a week of spa vacation in a proper spa resort would perhaps prove to the best option that would relieve you of all your stress and bestow high spirits.

Kenwood inn and spa is one of the popular recreational resorts that are mostly preferred by the vacationers for breaking the boredom that preoccupy their daily life.

The quiet, tranquil and peaceful ambiance of the Italian-fashioned country villa located in a secluded hillside in the centre of the Sonoma valley provides the ultimate relaxation of the body, mind and soul of the visitors. The panoramic view of the resort overlooking thousand of acres of vineyards sloping down the hill also provides such positive vibes that you fell like heaven from where no one would ever want to leave.

The Caudalie spa in the resort is known for its quality service which provides a unique treatment therapy that enriches your inner soul. The famous vinotherapie spa treatment first began in the Kenwood inn. Since then this treatment has gone on to become one of the most popular treatment therapy as more and more resort has started adopting this spa healing system.

The vinotherapie treatment is done with the help of extracts from grape seeds and vine. The content of polyphenols in these extracts helps in combating the faster ageing procedure of the body systems, thereby giving you a fresh and a younger look. The products that are used in the Kenwood inn for spa treatment are clinically proven healthy ointments that do not affect the body in any harmful manner such as the chemical products. The professional care that is taken in the spa refreshes your mind, body and soul.

The Kenwood inn is the perfect place for family vacation, wedding couples and for corporate meetings, as the tranquil atmosphere provides relaxation and peaceful surrounding for discussing any vital issues regarding your professional life.

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