15000 Wedding Budget Breakdown
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15000 Wedding Budget Breakdown

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15000 Wedding Budget Breakdown

The best way to keep up with your wedding cost breakdown is to track it from day one. Carry a list with you in your pocket or purse so you can refer to it or change figures at the exact time something occurs. This is actually the only way that you will be able to keep things in place and your costs in view without going insane. When operating on a budget you have to decide ahead of time how much will be spent on every portion of your wedding-EVERY portion.

You should be committed to trying to stay within the parameters you have set or you will be spinning out of control before you have contracted with your first vendor. Do not leave any of the costs to chance and do not let anyone else keep track of charges for you. Always get contracted prices in writing and do not leave a vendor without getting this done. There are pre-printed lists in many books, as well as online, which give you every possible wedding option so you can check off those that are pertinent for you, and pop in the figures so you can see how much of a hit your budget is taking.

You will have an enormous list of incidentals before you are done, so try to maintain your composure and remember your budget. The first wedding costs will be for the site, officiating clergy, clothing, music, flowers, photos and food. You will also have the license fee. The rings may or may not figure into this cost, perhaps you have already purchased them so keep that in mind.

Then of course you will have costs such as decorations, gifts and favors. Keep a handy little section devoted to the little things you may remember as the planning process continues. If you set your budget and allot money to each category, according to how you see the importance and how much you can afford to spend, you will be able to tweak it all and make it work for you.

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