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Wedding Planners Mallorca

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Wedding Planners Mallorca

When it comes to taking a well earned holiday abroad, Mallorca is one of the best loved destinations to head for. Indeed, it has plenty to offer no matter what kind of budget you have; and if you have a desire to enjoy a luxury holiday, where money is really no option, you won’t be disappointed.

The fact that Mallorca is a hotspot for newly wedded couples to enjoy their honeymoons should tell you that there is plenty to appreciate here. There are countless beautiful locations to stay in, including the stunning fishing village of Cala Figuera, and the popular Cala D’Or. If you want romance combined with peace and quiet then the relaxed little location of Porto Petro will give you the atmosphere you desire.

You can expect your taste buds to be delighted by the array of cuisine on offer as well. Therefore, be adventurous and try as many different dishes as you can. You would be right to expect fish dishes to feature heavily on the menu – the sea bass should not be missed, since this is a regular, staple and very popular dish on the island. If you prefer meat dishes, make sure you visit a restaurant which serves another of Mallorca’s specialities – roast suckling pig.

You will also find plenty of opportunities in Mallorca for a spa break, where you can unwind and be pampered from head to toe. What’s more, there is a wide selection of beaches that are never too far away, ensuring you are not short of options for a spot of relaxation.

If you would prefer to stay in a hotel, you will find that some of them have their own private beaches; although there are also plenty of secluded spots elsewhere that you can explore too. The beaches are of excellent quality, so no matter where you choose to wile away the hours during your break, you won’t be disappointed.

Another essential part of a luxury holiday in Mallorca is taking in the sights. A key part of these is Es Pla, which is a fertile land located in the middle of Mallorca and where you will also find an array of wonderful sights that many people miss in their clamour to get to the beaches. But no matter where you choose to stay with your hotels in Mallorca, you can be assured of viewing a diverse range of sights whilst enjoying a luxurious holiday.

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