Places In Italy to Get Married
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Places in Italy to Get Married

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Places in Italy to Get Married

Italy is blessed. Blessed with a mild, Mediterranean climate, a rich fascinating culture, wonderful food, lively and friendly people. A country of beautiful scenery, romance and diversity. All of this, coupled with lower costs, the chance to have a truly intimate ceremony and reception and the opportunity to combine wedding and honeymoon into one trip make Italy an understandably popular place for a destination wedding.

A wedding in Italy conjures up romantic images of gondolas gliding down Venetian canals, of the sun kissed hills of Tuscany, of the spectacularly rugged Amalfi Coast and more. Many of the world’s most famous luxury goods, including Ferrari, Gucci, Armani and others, but that doesn’t mean that a wedding in Italy has to be expensive – it doesn’t have to be! With an incredible range of beautiful Italian wedding venues to choose from, couples often find that a wedding in Italy costs a lot less that the equivalent celebration at home. Couple this with the fact that there tends to be fewer guests at an Italian castle wedding than at a wedding closer to home, and you can find that the costs go right down.

The steps you need to take to plan a destination wedding are not really that different to those you need to take to plan a wedding at home.

The first priority is to look for a professional bilingual wedding planner resident in Italy. If this proves to be a problem in the area you want to get married in, then there are also companies and websites offering paid and free online consultation in English to couples getting married in Italy, meaning you neither have to struggle too much with the language or have to take time off work to go out to Italy and plan the wedding.

The next step is to find and book the venue. This decision has an effect on everything about the wedding, from the atmosphere, to the food, to the number of guests attending so it is extremely important to make this decision before many other things can fall into place. If you can manage it, it is best to narrow down your preferences to just a few Italian wedding venues before going out to visit the locations in person and make a final decision. There are some absolutely stunning wedding venues in Italy, from gorgeous Italian castles to vineyards in Tuscany,villas on the Amalfi Coast and five star luxury hotels in Rome, Florence and Venice, so this might seem a daunting task at first but as you look at the venues an image of what you want for your wedding will begin to form, making your choice easier.

You will be glad to know that the bureaucracy involved in a legally recognised wedding in Italy is relatively simple. Getting married in Italy does not have a residency requirement, so the main thing is to be certain you start sorting out all of the necessary documentation about six months before you go. almost everything else can be delegated to a wedding planner or to a member of staff at your chosen venue, so it is sorted out for your arrival in Italy!

So, why do couples get married in Italy? Gorgeous scenery, wonderful food and all the hospitality that Italy is famous for are certainly part of it, but it is also less stressful and not as expensive as many other wedding destinations, or indeed as getting married closer to home often can be. So save that time and money so that you can relax and let a professional in Italy do the legwork, so you will be fresh and relaxed, with a little extra cash to spend, for your wedding anniversary.

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