Hard Rock Punta Cana Wedding Packages
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Hard Rock Punta Cana Wedding Packages

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Hard Rock Punta Cana Wedding Packages

If white pristine beaches and picturesque sunsets is your definition of romance then perhaps consider having your dream wedding in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

There are so many dimensions to planning a wedding with many details and stressful decisions to be made. Some couples may welcome the traditional methods to wedding planning however; more and more couples have decided to veer away from the more conventional wedding ceremonies and have decided to include the sun, sand and Island hospitality as a means to starting a new chapter in their lives as husband and wife.

For many decades several resorts in Punta Cana have helped couples plan and customize their dream wedding. Ask to consult with their wedding event planner. They will be glad to contribute their expertise towards making your wedding day as memorable and romantic as can be. Most resorts will offer a free wedding service if the future bride and groom book a one week stay at their resort, however the couple will be responsible for the cost of their wedding license.

Clearly there are many advantages to having a Caribbean, paradise wedding. For starters there is the obvious; the location. Secondly, couples can begin their life together without the enormous debt most weddings leave behind. There is less planning involved. You’re almost guaranteed a beautiful day with a breath taking sunset to end the night. You’re able to share this event with the people that really matter in your lives (not your Aunt Ethel who you’ve never met before!) and lastly, you’ve already arrived at your Honeymoon destination.

Although getting married in Punta Cana may not involve as much planning as a conventional wedding, it is important to inform yourself of what may not be included in your wedding package. There may be some added fees such as; notary fee, private dinner reception (without the other hotel guests crashing your party!), and a photographer to capture every memorable moment and the beauty Punta Cana provides. For more information about weddings in Punta Cana visit www.puntacana-information-guide.com [http://www.puntacana-information-guide.com/weddings-in-Punta-Cana.html]

Yet keep in mind, if you’re someone who’s needs to be in control at all times and you live by your watch; a Caribbean wedding is not for you. Island time is not for everyone. Locals tend to move at a much slower, relaxed pace than the rest of the world. So be prepared for some possible delays such as the judge showing-up late or a two o’clock wedding being postponed to four o’clock. Remember to remind yourselves that you’re in one of the most beautiful beach destinations in the world. Sit back relax, what will be will be, or better yet have another Pina Colada!

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