How to Plan A Destination Wedding In Mexico
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How to Plan A Destination Wedding in Mexico

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How to Plan A Destination Wedding in Mexico

Honestly, I am not sure what made me think I could do this. Well, actually, I have always considered myself a relatively competent and somewhat intelligent person. I am in my thirties with children and a career, I even speak a little Spanish, so how hard could it be to plan a wedding in Mexico?

Apparently, connecting with a wedding coordinator online (my preferred method of communication) is not as easy as it appears. Most of my requests sent through the resorts’ websites went without response. The one (yes, one) who did respond set up a date and time along with a deadline for signing a contract to hold it.

Then nothing. I called, I emailed, I even flew down there and tried to meet with her just prior to the deadline… nothing. I started to panic. I had let all our family and friends know our plans in advance since a destination wedding requires more preparation.

Finally, I sent an email to the corporate headquarters here in the U.S. for a resort where I really wanted to have our wedding. They put me in touch with their wedding coordinator at the resort in Cancun, who has been a blessing. She asked questions, then I asked questions and emailed pictures I had found online of things I wanted like menus, flowers and cake. She has really gone above and beyond to give me everything I want, exactly how I want it for this very important day.

When planning a wedding in Mexico, getting in touch with the proper person is key. The right person will make your dream wedding come true. Find someone who is genuinely interested in your wedding day planning.

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