Best Beach Wedding Locations In the Us
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Best Beach Wedding Locations In The US

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Best Beach Wedding Locations In The US

Hawaii Beach Wedding

Mild weather breezy beaches, perfect coverings, fresh flowers and lavish décor! It’s surely nothing short of a trance wedding. Outstanding countryside, rolling mountains filled and exotic beaches all combine to make Hawaii a prime wedding destination. Hawaiian beach wedding is truly a dream come true. A wonder land rich in spectacular beach wedding spots is absolutely perfect sunset wedding.

Hawaii has a number of lovely beaches to choose from. The popular ones being:

  • Waialae
  • Kakaako Waterfront Park
  • Waikiki
  • Ala Moana
  • Makapu’u
  • Sunset
  • Waimea
  • Kaanapali
  • Kihei
  • Makena
  • Big
  • Polo

Crystal clear water and white beaches of Hawaii offer unlimited and attractive opportunities to have a dazzling beach wedding.

Laguna Beach Wedding

Situated in the Orange County, Southern California Laguna Beach is one of world’s most scenic beaches. This resort town caters to several tourists who flock in here to experience and relish its beauty and charm. This is the reason why several families decide to tie the wedding knot amid the outstanding landscape of the location.

Located right beside the sea, Southern California offers several spots where couples can have a Laguna Beach wedding. The area boasts of having more than a dozen beaches. To name a few:

  • Crystal Cove
  • Crescent Bay Point Park.
  • The Aliso Creek County
  • Divers Cove
  • Shaws Cove
  • Brooks
  • Main
  • Victoria
  • Picnic
  • West Street
  • Rockpile
  • Virgin Islands Beach Wedding

Virgin Islands are a blend of tropical and oceanic features. A part of the Lesser Antilles, Virgin Island is basically a name for a group of islands. Few belong to Britain while others to United States. However, all of them are the most sought after wedding destinations. But, it is Magens Bay Beach in St. Thomas which wins the race when it comes to the most picturesque and pristine beaches of the region.

Take a look at the popular areas which make Virgin Islands wedding celebration a spectacular one:

  • St. Thomas
  • St. John
  • St. Croix

California Beach Wedding

The lush palm trees, mild ocean breeze and misty sunshine, California rocks when it is about beach wedding. California’s exotic landscape and sandy beaches make the region of the most desired wedding destination. A shoreline that stretches over hundreds of miles offers plentiful gorgeous settings to choose from in California.

In the following lines take a look at the list of the most popular wedding locations in California.

  • Coronado
  • Silver Strand State
  • Huntington
  • Santa Barbara
  • Newport
  • Long Beach
  • Santa Monica
  • Malibu Lagoon State
  • Windansea
  • Moonlight State Beach or Solana
  • Bora Bora

Out of this world panoramic view of the coastline, Bora Bora is a dream wedding beach destination. Bounded by a sheltered lagoon Bora Bora proffers an expansive ocean and plenty fun and joy. The location is truly a Polynesian paradise settled right at the heart of South Pacific. Bora Bora houses sandy and pristine beaches and is considered as one of the most romantic and beautiful locations in the world. of the several shore areas which pompously make Bora Bora an ideal place for a wedding, the best one is the Matira Beach.

Some other beaches are:

  • Palawan
  • Pearl
  • Eden

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