Elegant Wedding Table Setting Ideas
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Elegant Wedding table Setting Ideas

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Elegant Wedding table Setting Ideas

The secrets to creating a lasting impression to guests are unique ideas for your wedding table setting. The table is one place your guests will be spending quite some time at so you’ll want decorations and arrangement styles that guests will talk about. Your table centerpieces serve as conversation pieces during your wedding. Moreover, the table setting highlights the mood and character of the occasion. Needless to say, proper planning, preparation and research are required to ensure impressive wedding table setting.

Whether you decide on simple or extravagant table setting, consistency should be a primary consideration. Think of yourself as a director organizing a theatrical production. Think about how you want the stage to look like and select appropriate arrangement, menu, accessories and favors. With these in mind, you are sure to succeed in having a memorable and outstanding wedding table setting.

When you plan, always think about creating the right atmosphere. If you want to achieve a formal, classic look without a particular theme, adding some pretty flowers, candles and linens will allow you to get a stylish and sophisticated atmosphere. Are you setting up an Italian themed wedding table? Use red and white checked table covers. Select delicious pasta dishes and finish off with a bottle of wine.

It’s not just the table you should consider. Ask the help to dress according to the theme to reinforce atmosphere. You can have them wear Italian, Mexican or Hawaiian attire. If you are having the classic, formal wedding, black skirts or pants with crisp shirts are elegant attire choices.

Wedding Table Elements

Wedding Favors – The tradition of having wedding favors can be traced back to the medieval times where the tables of the royals and nobility were adorned with sweets as gifts to guests. Favors are often packaged nicely for added charm. They can be as simple as a mint candy or sugar-coated nuts. Your imagination is the only limit. It’s a great idea to check out wedding magazines for ideas.

Flowers and Plants – Greenery can just be the perfect touch in making a simple but eye-catching centerpiece, giving plain tables an instant make over.

Matching Table Stationery – Choose wedding stationery that has a ‘wow’ factor. It will express your style as a couple and set the mood for the big event. When they see consistency with the paper goods, up to the table setting, this will surely catch your guests’ attention. Matching paper goods like menu cards, place cards and table cards add magic to your wedding!

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