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Secret Garden Wedding Venue

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Secret Garden Wedding Venue

Making the final decision for choosing your wedding and reception location will depend on multiple aspects, most importantly being the size of your invitation list, your wedding funds and atmosphere and decor that you want to be present at the venue. Some other items to think about are the amenities available at the location, such as the cooking area, restrooms, available parking, any constraints with regards to music volume, alcoholic beverages and photography, whether the area is readily accessible, is there an on-site staff available to cook and clean up, among other things.

If you are in charge of securing the ceremony venue, make sure that all of these things are considered and in place, before placing any money down on deposit for the rental of the location. Remember, if you are looking for an out of the ordinary, exclusive area, be ready to prepare and organize all of these amenities on your own as most of these type places, will not offer a lot. Regardless, I have provided some excellent ideas for choosing your wedding reception location that will allow you to keep costs down and stay within most any budget.

Inexpensive Wedding Reception Location Ideas

Local Government Buildings

In most states you will find these buildings which are used as training facilities. Many times these venues are offered for rent for family events and functions. Check with your local government authorities to see what is available. If you can get a price that fits into your budget, then you can go ahead and book the venue for your wedding reception.

Backyard Gardens

If your own home has a big enough lawn to hold the amount of visitors that you plan on having attend, then this can provide a great area for your marriage vows. Home gardens, when the leaves and flowers have full blossoms offer an amazing view and atmosphere to the event, especially during the summer season and springtime. Investing a lot in decorations wouldn’t even be required as the different shaded blossoms, bushes, trees and shrubs, will provide their own decor. There are many gardens available to rent in case your own home does not have a large enough lawn and garden.

Educational Institutions

There are many universities and schools which will also rent their recreational areas and other rooms for events. Some of these universities have chapels too, which would allow you to hold both the marriage and reception ceremonies at the same location. If the happy couple happened to meet at the school or college, this venue could provide some sentimental value as well.

Once you have chosen the wedding reception location, the other items such as the theme for the wedding, menu, and entertainment will all start to fall right into place. Try using these venues and you will find that you can have a beautiful and memorable celebration at a fraction of the cost!

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