Fancy Wedding Dresses Gowns
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Fancy Wedding Dresses Gowns

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Fancy Wedding Dresses Gowns

A very beautiful part of the wedding is the fancy wedding dresses that make a bride look beautiful. These are designed out of a variety of materials and to perfection over months of planning and meticulous detailing. The usual colors of wedding dresses are white. There are very few instances like theme weddings when the bride may change to another color choice from this traditional color. The overall use of white makes it further challenging for designers to embellish the dress appropriately for a subtle and yet one of the most luxurious looks for one of the most special moments of a girl’s life.

One of the main challenges of designers in the tailoring of fancy wedding dresses for a nervous bride would be in the sphere of measurements and changing waistlines. As a designer your client will not always present you with an ideal measurement of the waist, bust and the hip. However she may choose a design that will need a miracle to fit her well. And the challenge before you will be to do exactly. Regardless of measurements a wedding dress needs to fall well on the frame of the bride to give a comfortable fit. The dress will be kept worn for several hours at an end thus making comfort an important point of note.

Embellishments of the wedding dress make it gorgeous and look heavenly. There are different kinds of handmade laces touched upon with the use of pearls, beads and sequins are used to highlight them to the best. Their generous uses are found with frills and edges of sleeves or the neckline and even at the lowest edge of the dress. It is important to note that an excessive use of these accessories and embellishments on a dress may add volume and weight to it. Brides who are short or extremely slim and lightweight may find them too heavy to carry around for the time before and after the wedding.

Usual materials in the design of fancy wedding dresses are satin, silk and crepes. These are hand stitched for a bride. The silhouettes of the dresses are further highlighted with Czech diamonds, crystals and handmade lace among many other accessories procured from different corners of the world. Selection of material is ideally done on the basis of the physical structure of a bride. For short and undersized brides light crepes and chiffon will be more right. For tall and broad brides satin and heavy silk can be selected.

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