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Boho Wedding Decorations Boho Outdoor

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Boho Wedding Decorations Boho Outdoor

Weddings in the UK have transformed in recent years. Gone are the stuffy and overtly formal celebrations of yester-year, where every tradition was adhered to down to the most fickle detail…

Following the rise in popularity of the civil ceremony and the relaxing of Church of England laws (and their clergymen and women) the UK wedding market has rejuvenated itself and is now one of the most exciting and affluent business markets to be involved with today.

The sky’s the limit, when it comes to planning a UK wedding, with our tiny little island taking its lead from the American market. There are now no apologies and few restraints when it comes to planning your special day – with brides opting for an eclectic mix of styles and themes; ranging from Princess pink wedding gowns, to vintage tea sets and photo booths.

The bohemian bride is no longer and outsider, as many free thinking and forward thinking Brides and Grooms to-be create a wedding that represents themselves as a couple; doing away with what’s ‘expected’ and ‘right’ and opting instead for a wedding that is as individual as they are.

This in part is down to most couples offering to pay for their own wedding and without financing from the Bride or Grooms parents; a certain element of expectation and interference is dissipated. Another key factor in the rise of informal and alternative weddings, is that couples are now waiting longer to get married and have therefore developed more confidence and individuality both singular and as a couple.

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