Boho Wedding Bridesmaids Dresses
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Boho Wedding Bridesmaids Dresses

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Boho Wedding Bridesmaids Dresses

Bridesmaid dresses and accessories are becoming increasingly stylish and glamorous. They often include the easy to wear, sassy and simple dresses. Popular styles include tea-length, full-length, one shouldered or strapless. A tea-length dress is a favored style for those that wish to wear the dress again. Choosing the bridesmaid dress can be just as difficult as choosing the bridal gown. It is crucial that both styles of dress complements and flatters each other. Here are several steps to consider in choosing the dress and accessories for the bridesmaids:

Style – Think about the overall style of the wedding, including the bridal gown. Make sure to match the bridesmaid dress to the style of wedding. This can range from the vintage, modern or classic styled dress. If the bride is planning to wear a bohemian lace dress or similar, it is crucial that the maids complement that look.

Season – The time of day and season can have an influence on the style of dress. Remember to keep comfort in mind when choosing the wedding outfit. Avoid light airy material in the cooler seasons. Likewise, heavy fabrics aren’t a practical choice for a mid-summer wedding as this will leave the maids sweltering in the heat. A bridesmaids dress should be both comfortable and attractive.

Color – Carefully think about the color or shade of the dress. Taupe and blush can offer a versatile option for dress color, but this still isn’t able to complement every skin tone. For the bridesmaids that have a mix of dark, olive and fair skin tones, it can be different to choose the right dress to flatter all. It is also necessary to consider hair color in the selection process. A two-color palette might increase the chances of making everyone happy.

Flexible – While the final say on the bridesmaid’s dress should be left to the bride, it can help to let the bridesmaids have a certain say on the type and style of dress. This often makes the process that much more straightforward. A bride can select the preferred fabric and color, while the maids can be given some leeway on the style of dress to make sure it is able to flatter their body shape.

Fittings – Start the shopping process for the bridesmaid dress as early as possible. This leaves time for each of the maids to be measured, attend a few fitting, and have alterations made to the dress if necessary.

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