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Wedding Cake Toppers Funny

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Wedding Cake Toppers Funny

Recently, a wedding video featuring the bride and the groom entering the wedding hall to the tune of the popular hit ‘Forever’ became a huge viral hit, attracting over 15 million views on Google. The video, with its mix of fun filled and easy going atmosphere made a lot of couples want to opt for such a wedding. After all, isn’t everyone tired of stiff and boring weddings?

The wedding cake is usually the center of attraction in a wedding. If you plan on having a more fun filled wedding, why not start off from this crucial element itself by getting a funny wedding cake topper for the big day? Such toppers are very much in vogue these days, and can feature anything from an ironic reference to traditional weddings, to pop culture references. Unique Wedding Cake

How about a funny wedding cake topper with the bride lifting the groom in her arms, or with a diving groom being pulled by the bride? How about dressing up the bride and groom in the topper like Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta from Pulp Fiction? With a funny wedding cake topper, you can really go wild and let your imagination run free. Elegant Wedding Cakes

The important thing about picking a funny topper is to select something that both the bride and groom agree with. If the groom is a Star Wars fan, while the bride goes into convulsions at the mere mention of ‘Luke Skywalker’, having a Dearth Vader themed wedding cake topper will not be the best idea. Instead, pick out a common theme or subject that you both enjoy, and get your topper according to it.

You can either ask the cake shop to make you a custom topper, or you can order something online. The internet is a particularly good resource for this as there are dozens and dozens of websites selling toppers in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and you will usually find something likeable from the wide selection.

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