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Forest Wedding Reception

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Forest Wedding Reception

While traditional wedding receptions are nice, many couples like to use the occasion as an opportunity to express their creativity, thus leaving lasting impressions on their friends and family. Here are 5 unforgettably fun reception ideas:

The Season for Love

Couples marry every day of the year. A simple concept for a wedding reception theme is to reflect the current season. However, to put an unforgettable twist on the seasonal theme, the reception could reflect a different season altogether. For example, the couple could have a “Winter Wonderland” theme in the middle of summer, with an overall white theme. There could be beautiful crystal ice sculptures at every table, professional lighting designs that look like snowflakes swirling around the room and white flower petals to represent snow here and there on the floors and tables. In addition to whatever dance music the couple might choose, they could ask the musicians or D.J. to insert the occasional winter-themed song such as the 1944 winter standard, “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” every once in a while. Whether the theme is winter in summer or summer in winter, the possibilities for unique and fun seasonal themes are limitless. Entrance Wedding Reception Decorations

Evening in Paris

There is no city in the entire world that is more romantic than Paris, France, and there is no more romantic theme for a wedding reception than an “Evening in Paris.” Adding certain luxurious touches in the decorations from the Chateau de Versailles or Paris landmarks such as the Arc de Triomphe or the Eiffel Tower are only the beginning. French food and wine are a must at an Evening in Paris themed wedding reception. French music can also add a special touch, even if it is disbursed between the couple’s song choices for dance music. Strolling accordion players serenading guests with traditional French folk music during the cocktail hour are an excellent choice. Of course, creative lighting is also mandatory for an Evening in Paris theme. Small, twinkling lights against a deep cobalt blue color theme are the ultimate in romantic choices. Wedding Reception On A Budget Backyard

Go Green!

More and more people are becoming aware of ecological conservation issues. Why not take this political awareness a step further by introducing a wedding reception theme that features endangered animal species? Recreate a rain forest in the reception hall with giant leaves and have huge, black and white posters that feature endangered animals such as the beautiful bald eagle, the spotted leopard or other animals that can help raise awareness. Attention should be paid to sustainable energy and recyclables for this unique wedding reception. Floral Installation Wedding

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