Indoor Wedding Ceremony Decorations
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Indoor Wedding Ceremony Decorations

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Indoor Wedding Ceremony Decorations

Your wedding will probably prove to be one of the most elaborate “planned” events of your life, so naturally you want to make sure that everything goes smoothly for your big day. Your first step is deciding just where you intend to say your vows — and whether you intend to do so indoors or outdoors. Both indoor and outdoor options come with advantages and disadvantages, so you are wise to consider these before you finalize your decision. Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Gazebo

The Indoor Wedding Ceremony

For many couples, the most obvious choice for their marriage ceremony is a church, synagogue or similar house of worship of which they and/or their families are active members. Indeed this is even more of a given for the couple that holds to the tradition of marrying in sacred surroundings. Wedding Chair Decorations Ceremony

A traditional house of worship offers a spiritual place for you as a couple to focus on your vows to one another. From a design standpoint, it can also provide the perfect backdrop for a symphony of candlelight, dramatic and personal flower arrangements, and, in most cases, a formal alter area. From a practical standpoint, the church wedding will likely take place indoors, alleviating any worries about weather and unexpected noise, and set up is usually quite simple, as is the “script” for the wedding ceremony itself. Wedding Ceremony Decorations Outdoor Altars

If you do plan to hold your wedding in a place of worship, you may need to make the arrangements well in advance, and remember there may be restrictions on floral arrangements, decorations and even music. You must also make sure that you and your intended meet all the necessary requirements to wed there, especially if you are not members of the same religion. In most cases, for example, you need not both be Roman Catholic to marry in the Catholic Church, but for approval, you will probably have to meet with the Priest or Deacon and attend a pre-marital counseling program ahead of time. On the other hand, very orthodox faiths may require that both bride and groom be of that same faith, so if conversion is in the cards, that usually takes time. If you will be making a so-called “church” wedding part of your destination wedding, confirm ahead of time that your intended house of worship at that destination will allow weddings for non-members.

Of course “indoor wedding” does not automatically mean “church wedding,” but the advice remains solid for all options. Apply the same considerations of the indoor church wedding to such other indoor wedding venues as banquet halls, restaurants, hotel and country-club ballrooms, or your parents’ living room. These ceremony sites, too, will provide shelter from inclement weather and unwanted noise, but they may require more decoration and, with the exception we hope of the parents’ living room, come with a higher price tag.

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