Engagement Party Decorations Elegant
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Engagement Party Decorations Elegant

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Engagement Party Decorations Elegant

He popped the question and she said, “Yes!” So the next big step is to announce the great news to the family and close friends of the bride and groom. The ideal way to mark the event is with an engagement party. While this type of party is generally loose on the formalities and tends to be planned in a short amount of time, there are still a few guidelines to follow and some fantastic ways to make it memorable.

Mind Your Manners

Again, with engagement parties, there are few hard and fast rules. The event can be a backyard barbecue on a Sunday afternoon or an elegant cocktail hour. But, there are still some standards of etiquette that should be followed.

First, consider who should be throwing the party. Traditionally, the bride’s parents have the honor, and when they are unable to, the groom’s parents should step in. However, there is no reason that another relative or close friend can’t host the party. The best thing to do is to recognize the chain of command-if you’re the bride’s best friend, give her parents a call and offer to host. If you are the parents of the bride, contact the groom’s parents and the closest friends of the couple to arrange the party, make plans, and even parcel out duties. You’ll all be working together until the wedding date, so getting off on the right foot for this preview of what’s to come is a good idea.

Second, work with the couple on the guest list. This can be tricky. You definitely do not want to invite 200 of their “closest” friends only to find out that they are planning a destination wedding with only a handful of people. An engagement party really isn’t the right time for a surprise either.

Simple Elegance

Okay, everyone is informed, in agreement and working together. You’ve got two weeks to get everything ready, so the first thing to remember is to keep it simple. It helps to begin with a list. Here are some tasks to get you started:

Get the invitations out as soon as possible. Typically, the celebration should be held within a few weeks of the engagement, so picking a date and letting people know is the first step. And if you played by the rules above, you should have determined the where, when, and who pretty quickly.
As soon as you can, buy or order online the home bar supplies you need for the style of party you want. Is it coolers and beer cans for a patio party? Or perhaps martinis and fine wine for a more sophisticated feel? Make a list of the home bar supply items you’ll need, and make sure you add the basics, like plates, napkins, and other disposable items.
Plan the menu. Again, keep in mind the type of party it is-burgers and brats, or finger sandwiches and a cheese tray?
Decorations can be fairly minimal. A simple “Congratulations” banner or some floral centerpieces can be just enough to set the tone.
Ideas to Make it Memorable
So, you’ve got a simple plan, with a guest list that has been blessed by the couple. The invitations are out, the home bar supply is stocked, and you’re ready to go. Because you’re so ahead of the game, you can start thinking of ideas to make the event truly special, such as:

Scrapbook: Take pictures at the party. (Or if the budget allows, get a photographer or enlist a friend unassociated with the wedding party.) Compile the pictures into the beginning pages of a scrapbook to offer the couple as the first memory of the wedding and their lives together.

Walk Down Memory Lane: Gather photos of the couple from their early dating days or even from their childhoods. Then create a collage or video that tells the story of how they became a couple. You can then reveal it at the party and give it to the couple as a memento.

Family Tree: Create a family tree for the couple, documenting the ancestry of both sides of their families.

Toasting: As the host, you should prepare a toast for the couple, and you may want to check with other key players, such as parents and other special friends to see if they wish to do the same. Then, take the time to browse online for some great quotes and other ideas for a perfect toast.

So, while you may have a tight budget and a rigid timeline, pulling a great engagement party together can be virtually stress free. Practice good communication with the couple and other members of the wedding party and keep the wishes and style of the couple in mind as you plan, and this party is sure to be the first of many great events culminating in the Big Day.

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