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Bridal Hair-do’s

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Bridal Hair-do’s

Hair is a major part of what gives us our good looks. When our hair looks bad, the whole day suffers! You don’t want this to happen on one of the most special days of your life, so plan ahead. Choose a wedding day hairstyle that complements your outfit, and a wedding day hair stylist that you trust. If you don’t regularly go to a hair stylist that specializes in weddings, choose one that comes highly recommended. You may even want to go so far as to have the wedding hair stylist do sample styles before booking them for your big day.

Most brides choose their wedding hairstyle based on the style of their dress and the theme of their weddings. There are some pros and cons to every style, so choosing the right hairstyle for your wedding is important.


A bride that has a long, graceful neck will most likely go for an upsweep style. This is also ideal when the bride has a dress that comes all the way up to the neck. You want to show every detail of your beautiful dress, so with a necked dress choosing the right hairstyle for your wedding means getting your hair pinned up.

The downside of an upsweep is that if you have really long, pretty hair, you won’t be showing it off on your wedding day. And what happens at the end of the night when you want to let your hair down and get your party on? Taking all of those pins out will be a pain. Choosing the right hairstyle for your wedding involves utility as well.

Wedding Hair Down or Around the Shoulders

Having your hair falling around the shoulders on your wedding day is traditional when you have a sleeveless dress with the back out. You probably don’t want to show all of your back, so choosing the right hairstyle for your wedding in this case should be easy. Just let your hair fall down in either a curly or bone straight style.

But keep in mind that when your hair is down, you may be hiding some of your beauty, especially in the case of very long hair. You may have a decorative belt, or bodice that will be hidden by your long hair falling down over it. When you are choosing the right hairstyle for your wedding, you want to maximize the effect of your outfit and your hairstyle at the same time.

Curly or Straight?

One more decision to make when choosing the right hairstyle for your wedding is whether you want your hair to be curly or straight.

Bone straight is sleek and sexy, and won’t require a constant refreshing of your hairstyle throughout the wedding event and wedding reception. But it can be a little bland. On the other hand, a curly wedding hairstyle is gorgeous, bouncy, and frames the face well. But as we all know, curly styles fall easily. You may be spending most of your night toting around a flat iron to keep your look fresh. The right hairstyle for your wedding is one that will stay in place for an extended period of time.

Choosing the right hairstyle for your wedding involves an evaluation of the pros and cons of each option. This is the time to go to the supermarket and rack up on wedding hair magazines. Do plenty of research and trial and error when choosing the right hairstyle for your wedding day.

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