Wolffer Estate Wedding
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Wolffer Estate Wedding

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Wolffer Estate Wedding

It’s not surprising many couples are choosing wineries for their weddings. The landscapes are beautiful and wine venues impeccable. Every girl thinks about her wedding from the time she’s small, and the elegance and fairytale atmosphere that most bride’s desire is easily attainable with a winery wedding. This type of wedding is so popular that many wineries offer a variety of package deals that accommodate everything from an intimate wedding of less than 50 people to a larger party of 150 or more.

Visiting Venues and Adding Up the Numbers

The first step in planning any wedding is to visit the venues that interest you and figure out the costs associated with each venue. While most wedding packages will remain competitively priced with one another, some will offer certain services for a higher fee than other venues. South-west wineries offer full packages that include the ceremony and reception, utilising the on-site restaurants, executive chefs, and five-star wait staff of the winery.

After adding up the cost of holding your wedding at the venue, you’ll need to add in the additional costs of wedding services such as wedding photography, wedding attire, flowers, favours and extra decorations. Although cost is important, it’s more important to pay attention to all of the details of the venue while visiting. Most websites offer a photographic or virtual tour of the winery, but seeing the place in person is the only way to get a good idea if it meets your needs.

Setting Up Your Wedding Photography Services

After the venues for your ceremony and reception have been arranged, the next step is to choose your wedding photographer. Once all of the excitement of being a newlywed dies down, it’s your wedding photos that help you relive the special day. That’s why it’s important to choose a specialist wedding photographer who is experienced at making the most of a magic location and will present you with exceptional wedding photos.

Most wineries will allow you to use the scenic property to take unique and elegant pictures. When planning a vineyard wedding, your wedding photographer will most likely arrive the day before your wedding. This way the locations can be checked to ensure there are no “nasty surprises” on the wedding day! Nothing would be worse than arriving to a wonderful vineyard, to discover an area roped off with orange and black tape due to restoration work. Such hiccups can waste much traveling time and time is always precious on a wedding day. By visiting the property early, the wedding photographer can survey the property and see which areas have the best lighting and surroundings for your wedding photographs. The photographer can also pre-plan for certain pictures to make the most of the location and time on your wedding day.

Finalising the Details

Once you’ve viewed all of the possible locations and crunched the numbers, it’s time to finalise the details with the winery. The venue will give you a timeline of when they need to know certain details, and you can begin planning all of the smaller details. Just remember that a specialist wedding photographer will be able to assist you in planning timing and locations. There are also fabulous wedding planners who can help out.

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