Ellis island Wedding
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Ellis Island Wedding

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Ellis Island Wedding

No trip to New York City is complete unless you have an outing to see Ellis Island. Adjacent to Liberty Island, this is one of the most iconic places in American history because of the role in played in greeting the waves of immigrants who arrived on its shores looking to build a new and prosperous life in the land of opportunity. Make sure that you include this trip in your itinerary when you are visiting NY.

You will need to take a ferry in order to visit Ellis Island which is the location of the Ellis Island Immigration Museum. It is adjacent to Liberty Island which is where the Statue of Liberty is located. You can therefore combine both islands on your trip, although that will take the better part of day to be completed. Make sure that your clothes are appropriate for the weather because hot days in particular can be very tiring for you if you do not have adequate protection from the sun. Wear sensible shoes because you will have to walk a lot.

There are many security measures in place to ensure that all visitors are safe. You should therefore be prepared for long queues to enter the complex. There is a café on the island where you will get a variety of foods from a burger NY style to other foods that are healthy and easy to eat while on the go.

One thing that you should not miss at any cost is a free screening of a documentary called “Island of Hope, Island of Tears”. This documentary is narrated by Gene Hackman and tells the moving story of this Island and many of the immigrants who passed through it. Sitting down to watch the movie is also a great way to get some rest while still experiencing this historic place.

You could carry along a lunch of the best burger NY offers or something from the various grocery stores that abound in this city because there is plenty of grassy place for a picnic. These tips will ensure that you have a great time on your visit to New York City.

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