Unique Wedding Venues Long island
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Unique Wedding Venues Long Island

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Unique Wedding Venues Long Island

You live on Long Island and you are about to send out wedding invitations to the whole family and everyone you have ever known in your life. You may be lacking in inspiration or ideas of what to do. Why not make your wedding invitations as unique as Long Island and its diverse landscapes? Long Island has a rich history that you can include in your photos for your wedding invitations to give them originality and added value. Here are four different place to go on Long Island depending on the season.

Summer time boardwalk photos for your wedding invitations at Long Beach. Wait until sunset in the summer and you will have great light hitting at the just the right angle and intensity to make your photos and the background look amazing.

In the fall, go to Cold Spring Harbor for beautiful wedding invitation photos. This pristine Long Island hamlet is great in the fall, especially near St. John’s Church. The colors of the trees and the water combine to give the place a very in-season look without all of the concrete. Great for all wedding invitations.

Take winter photos at the Greenport carousel to give mysticism to your wedding invitations. This village in Suffolk County with a population of 2,048 is a quaint place that lacks a police department, but has a locally famous carousel that is illuminated at night and that gives off vibrant colors sure to make your wedding invitations as unique as you are.

Take photos along the beaches of Montauk for intimate wedding invitations in the Spring. The famous beaches of this hamlet make it a great destination for wedding invitations on Long Island Personally I am reminded of “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” when I think of that place – an image that evokes love. That is what your wedding invitations should be about.

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