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Small Wedding Venues London

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Small Wedding Venues London

London wedding venues are unique and truly one of a kind. There are historic venues, classic venues, urban chic venues and glamorous venues. There’s nothing that the city can’t offer. The reception venue sets the mood and atmosphere for your wedding celebration so if you can, visit the venue in person as the photos will not tell you how the venue feels, sounds, smells and is overall well equipped for your big day. Many people know within moments of setting foot onto the site if the venue sets the right backdrop for their wedding.

Before sourcing your London wedding venue take some time with your partner to find your style. Would you like to surprise your guests? Make them laugh? Make them cry? Have them throw on their dinner suit and black tie or cowboy boots and straw hat? What’s your style? Have this show in your venue. A ballroom wedding is very different to a garden wedding. Have your style carry through your entire wedding and reflect this in all aspects of planning such as your invitations, wedding attire and transportation.

Classic Bride: You plan to wear your hair in a simple updo, you love classic A-line wedding gowns with simple lines and you want a venue that’s timeless. Try Claridges.

Chic Modernist: For the trendy bride. You’re up to date with fashion trends, eat at trendy restaurants and go to the hottest clubs. Your friends are expecting an eye popping celebration. Your venue should have modern appeal and amenities like the Roof Gardens.

Nature Lover: You’re most comfortable surrounded by wildflowers, mountains and lakes. You want a laid-back wedding with lots of greenery. Try building a marquee in the British countryside.

Hopeless Romantic: You’ve been dreaming about your wedding since you were 7. You know exactly what your gown looks like, what accessories will compliment that gown and the perfect flowers to hold whilst walking down that long lilac aisle runner with an ivory coloured trim. You romantics out there will need a venue that’s warm, cozy, charming and picturesque. Try The Langham.

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