Destination Wedding Puerto Vallarta
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Destination Wedding Puerto Vallarta

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Destination Wedding Puerto Vallarta

A few years ago, my wife and I had the most incredible wedding in Puerto Vallarta where more than 100 of our friends and family joined us for a celebration.

It all started a year earlier when we decided to look into the benefits of having a destination wedding. We live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and since I am from Chile I struggled with the idea of getting married here and not having many of my friends and family present. If they were to come to the U.S. they would have to go to Uncle Sam’s embassy in Chile to get a Visa, throw down a lot of money for a round trip flight, book an expensive hotel in the City, and figure out how to get around in another language. I started to think that the only thing from Chile that I would enjoy on my wedding day would be the wine.

In addition, the cost of doing our wedding here in the Bay Area started to scare me as well. When we began to compare prices for different venues, it seemed like they were trying to sell you the place as opposed to rent it to you for a day.

As a result we started to explore the possibility of looking into a destination wedding. Our options here in the U.S. weren’t looking great, and we started to realize that for the same price we would pay to sweat like pigs at my wife’s uncle’s ranch in Stockton, we could actually have an oceanfront luxury villa wedding. And it didn’t stop there. When I told my friends from Chile that we were thinking of getting hitched in paradise, they talked about joining us for the big day. They started to realize that it was also a great opportunity to take a week of vacation. For our American attendees, the idea sounded good as well. Many of our friends and family here are used to travel to another state for a wedding, so traveling two hours to Mexico wasn’t a big deal (especially since going that route gave you more than a bag of peanuts and a napkin).

Our Journey to the big date

We began our plans for the big day by deciding on the venue. We had in mind that approximately 100 people were going to attend. At first we thought that the only option for that amount of people was doing it at a hotel. However, we thought if we were going to do something different, let’s really make it unique! We began to look at the possibility of celebrating our wedding at a villa.

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