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Non Beach Destination Wedding

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Non Beach Destination Wedding

Is the idea of a destination wedding romantic and enchanting; the tropical flowers, the warm ocean breeze, the sound of the sea rolling lazily on the shoreline? Of course this sounds wonderful, but who will help you organize it when you live on another continent or keep you relaxed as your big day approaches?

Here on Koh Samui you have several choices when planning your destination wedding; organize on your own, organize through a resort or organize through a professional wedding planner located on the island.

Planning On Your Own: Without a doubt, you can save some money by organizing your wedding on your own.
If you are lucky enough to have a friend or family member living on Koh Samui, that is one thing, if not, consider this; Have you ever been to Koh Samui before? Do you know any florists or caterers on the island? What beach will you use? Do you know the tides? What will you do for entertainment? Do you like DJ’s or live bands? Maybe you would enjoy a breath-taking fireworks display or perhaps an exciting fire-dancing performance? What will you do if the weather changes suddenly? Will you need to hire chairs, tables and flatware? Do you want to have a legal marriage ceremony with the local Registrar present? Most importantly, what will you do if someone like the florist or caterer does not show up? There is a lot to consider when being so far from home during such an important time of your life. Are you up for the challenge?

Planning Through A Resort: While it is more expensive than doing it on your own, you will be able to sleep more comfortably knowing someone is there to help you. Here are some things to consider; does the resort offer the sort of location you want for your ceremony? Can the beach hold the number of guests you are expecting? What is the maximum size you want the resort to be? How much input can you have in the planning process? Do they use a professional to perform your wedding ceremony or is it done by an on-site manager? Are you looking for a private, intimate ceremony or do you want lots of people watching you? Is the resort experienced with weddings or are they just starting out? There are always so many things to think about. Take your time when searching for the best place to have your wedding, after all, it is one of the most important days of your life.

Choosing A Professional Wedding Planner: Around the same price as a resort (and often less expensive) but with the added benefit of all your details being handled by wedding professionals who only work in the wedding business, dedicated to your wedding. Consider these thoughts when choosing your wedding planner; Is the wedding planner a certified professional well educated in the local wedding craft, who knows exactly what can be done without wasting your time? Are you comfortable this wedding planner will confidently reassure you that everything is being taken care of and will immediately be there to take care for anything that may arise?

Does the wedding planner have a variety of venues to choose from including a few resorts who welcome outside professionals, private luxury villas for the ultimate wedding experience and quiet, unpopulated beaches for small, intimate weddings? Most importantly, will this professional wedding planner be there for you, in person, to make sure your wedding day is coordinated effectively and everyone, especially you and your significant other, are happy and relaxed? What other considerations would you have for your wedding planner?

A destination wedding is romantic and magical; ideal for couples who want to break the traditional mold of a wedding celebration. Come alone or with family and friends; a destination wedding on Koh Samui is likely to be an event no one will ever forget. There are a lot of choices here on Koh Samui when it comes to your wedding celebration. Are you willing to take the chance on saving a little money when doing it yourself; or choosing the right resort when you have so many to choose from; or do you want to enjoy your wedding planning from the very beginning secure in the knowledge it is all being handled properly through a professional wedding planner who is there for YOU?

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