Yacht Weddings Newport Beach
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Yacht Weddings Newport Beach

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Yacht Weddings Newport Beach

If anything definitive can be said about a California yacht wedding, it is simply this: it must be experienced to be truly appreciated. Unlike a conventional, terrestrial wedding — meaning one held in a church or designated backyard — a maritime wedding is one that is in perpetual motion. Even if the yacht is anchored offshore, the ceaseless motion of the waves and the sea breeze are enough to make even the hardest of heart soften and long for that sweet promise of love.

Perhaps a maritime wedding is most appreciated by those who have lived near the sea — or those who are inclined to love the sea. With the dramatic shoreline of Los Angeles sparkling in the distance, there is this a palpable feeling that the future of humanity itself hangs in the balance with the newlyweds-to-be. Indeed, it feels as if the fate of the species rests on the shoulders of the regaled couple. It is a very curious phenomenon — and perhaps one that is not easily understood by those who have not had the privilege of experiencing a wedding on a yacht.

When all is said and done, though, a yacht wedding is no different that one hosted by so-called landlubbers. It takes the same amount of planning, coordinating, and petty squabbling to bring it to fruition. In turn, it takes the same amount of understanding, compromise, and commitment to fully relax and enjoy it. But, when the sleek yacht puts out to sea and you feel that lurching feeling in the pit of your stomach, you know you’re in store for something truly amazing.

When considering a California yacht wedding, it seems the best possible course of action is to secure the services of a reputable yacht service. While many abound in the Los Angeles region, the onus is on you to compare and contrast services, yacht sizes, and even catering services. The majority of yacht rental companies have preexisting arrangements with a certain catering company, ensuring that even if you haven’t a clue whom to contact, you can still delight in a perfectly catered day or night of nuptial bliss.

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