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Campground Wedding Venues Michigan

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Campground Wedding Venues Michigan

Living in Michigan most of us picture our weddings in an elegant reception hall or an upscale hotel. Step outside of that thought and consider nature hosting the happiest day of your life. Wouldn’t it be nice to stroll along one of the Great Lakes instead of a wooden isle? How would the sun light feel on your skin instead of a fluorescent light?

As remarkable as outdoor wedding sounds, there are many factors to consider. The key to outdoor weddings is back up plans. In case of rain, wind, or thunder, the wedding planner needs to have an alternate location. This includes a way to moving your wedding to an indoor location or just simply making sure there are tents available to protect guests from the elements. Ideally, the back up plan is just that, a back up. Make sure you carefully scope out your ceremony site. This will give you a great idea of what else is possible. Below are a couple of questions to keep in mind when choosing the ideal outdoor location.

1.) In case of a cold front, are there outdoor heaters available?

2.) If the rain starts pouring or if the sun is too bright, is there a tent to protect the guests?

3.) Where is the closest indoor location? Can your event be moved there rather quickly?

4.) What is the time frame for “making the call”? Who will make such a decision? (Most of the facilities in the Metro Detroit area allow for a few hours on the day of the event.)

Most outdoor Michigan wedding receptions and ceremony sites are able to provide appropriate back up facilities. This is offered to better serve their clients. One example is the Garden Park in Holly Michigan. They are a popular location for outdoor wedding ceremonies because events can easily be transferred indoors under their tent. Not, all facilities are as convenient as Garden Park.

Some locations require a back up strategy but unfortunately do not have the room to accommodate one. In this situation, the wedding planner would allocate some of your budget towards the backup plan. Another consideration would be to reserve space at a nearby facility in case of inclement weather.

Not every couple plans an outside wedding ceremony. It’s obvious that reserving space at a secondary location requires more capital. In this case, addressing the issue of a frowning mother nature in advance is a good idea. Also, having an alternate plan beforehand allows for better communication between guests that attend your big day.

In essence, the ideal outdoor wedding is one that is planned well in advance. Panicking at the last minute for an indoor venue and having guests running around is not a pretty sight on your special day. Allowing the guests to familiarize themselves with the indoor option is a much better idea. This accommodates for civil behavior and a smooth transition between the indoor and outdoor locations.

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