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Wedding Venues Tarrytown NY

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Wedding Venues Tarrytown NY

You have courted and finally acquired the wedding ring. The stage is now set for the big event. The only issue is how to go about it as this is the day you have been waiting for and you want to make it a memorable one. You want to break away from routine and organize your wedding at places that are totally different. This article provides information about three such options that give you the opportunity to showcase your event and exhibit that difference.

a) An art gallery or a museum?

If somebody told you about holding a wedding reception at an art gallery or museum, you would think that he has gone crazy. However, the unique ambience offered by these places cannot be compared with that of the staid reception halls. One such exclusive location is the Fire Museum of the city of New York, which is a sprawling 3000 sq feet place with good flooring for dancing the night away. The ceilings are over 13 feet in height lending it a very grand look overall.

b) Historical venues

Many ancient mansions and old centers lend their own romance for the holding of such events and this is not something that can be described in words. You have to experience it to know its true value. These sites will fill your guests with wonder and the wedding couple is transported back in time to feel very much like a couple of that era. You can customize the event further with an outfit tailored to match a particular period and lend it more authenticity. The possibilities involved are indeed far too many. One such option is the Alger House. Here you can experience rural ethnicity in its ancient washing room, its bar and what’s more, you can also have access to its on-site food supplier to make things easier for you. If you are looking for something that is a bit distant from the city, you can think of the Tarrytown House, which overlooks the Hudson River and provides all the beauty and magnificence of a mansion associated with the 19th century. Here too, you can avail of the services of an event coordinator who will be able to assist you with the planning of the entire event and being local, would know how to customize the event best suited to your budget and needs.

c) You can also go boating

This is another innovative option that you can consider and you can make it more special by taking your wedding vows during sunset to give it the really romantic hue. When you follow this up with a well planned dinner, you can make the occasion really special for your partner which will be very much appreciated. The best thing about boats is that they are conducive to hold big as well as small events.

One company offering various packages to suit different needs is the Manhattan Steamboat Company. You can avail of many options ranging from short duration cruises to booking a suite for an overnight stay in a yacht. These boats can accommodate a group of more than 30 people and with catering as well as bar requirements taken care; the package becomes an attractive one. You can also order flowers and cigars by paying an additional amount. For somebody seeking a much larger platform to hold a cruise wedding, they can look at Festiva, which can hold more than 100 guests, has two decks, and provides a dance floor along with a DJ and lighting according to the needs.

The above options are all very different and worth pursuing to ensure your guests remember your wedding. They will thank you for giving them the opportunity to experience something unique and to savor something that is not run of the mill.

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