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Beachside Wedding Venues

A beachside wedding is a dream come true for most people. It is unique and romantic and everyone has so much fun that it is bound to be a wedding everyone will remember for years to come. Unfortunately, it can be a headache to plan. Beachside Weddings come fraught with unknowns and difficulties that other wedding do not have. This article will attempt to highlight both the good and the bad when it comes to planning a dream beachside wedding.

One of the things that you will have a ton of fun doing is picking out the decorations, especially the guest favors. Choosing unique beach wedding favors or even summer wedding favors will be an adventure in itself. There are so many fun options from which to choose. Unless you live on a beach, odds are your guests had to travel to be with you on this special occasion so splurge. You will not have as many guests as you would if you were having the wedding locally so pamper them with a little extra.

The one thing that you cannot control is the weather. Make sure that your planned wedding is not an overnight affair so you can try to adapt to a plan B should Mother Nature decide to attend. Letting your guests know well in advance that they should plan for a two-day affair will help them to plan their trip like a holiday. This will help ensure that everyone one has a memorable time.

When checking out resorts that cater to wedding parties, make sure to negotiate a great deal for your guests. Many of these resort hotels are willing to come down on the price to entice more attendance but they will not volunteer that information. You may want to mention that you were referred by someone else who had a great experience at a great price.

Many places that have a private beach will require permits and fees. They will have to be “booked” as early as possible. It is always a great idea to call a few weeks and months before the big day to make sure that all is in order. Most of the local governments will accept a check if you send it in early enough but you would be well served to have your credit card handy when you make the call.

Be prepared to spend a lot of time on the telephone and plan at least one trip to your wedding site before the event. You will be dealing with local caterers if you are planning your own wedding and you will need to stay on top of them. A better option would be to hire a professional from the area. Most resort towns have more than enough wedding and special event planners to go around and this may be the most hassle free option. They will have dealt with the businesses that are catering your event and will know which ones are the most reliable. Even more important, they will know which caterers have experience in dealing with bad weather delays. This point cannot be stressed enough because if its unpredictability.

In planning any out of town event at which you will have invited guests, there are many small things that tend to be overlooked. Parking is one issue that will need to be addressed should any of your guests be driving to the hotel. Most hotels charge for parking and these fees are not included in the room quote. Make sure the guest is prepared or take care of it in advance. Also, beware of elderly guest arriving at an airport so that they have prearranged transportation, which many resorts will provide. A final good tip would be to ask the hotel to make sure all the rooms are at least on the same floor, if not grouped together. This way, no one is lost or left out.

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