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Newport Beach Wedding Venues

While the quality of a wedding photography collection is influenced most by the photographer, the location of the wedding also has an impact on the tone and quality of any wedding portraits. Balboa Inn, rightly shot, is a location that will contribute greatly to the goal of obtaining a memorable wedding album.

Balboa Inn is a Mediterranean style wedding site located in Newport Beach California. The ceremony location is a large raised balcony. This balcony is an excellent spot to get fun, memorable pictures. The photographer can stand below the subjects standing on the balcony. The balcony is large enough that a number of people can be lined up side by side. Photographers often position a large group – say the bridesmaids at a large wedding and have them jump in the air, raise their arms in the air and cheer, or throw flowers. The result is a beautiful action shot full of expression from a unique angle with the sky in the background.

There is a tiled Mediterranean-style courtyard below the balcony. It has adobe walls and potted plants and is an excellent location to catch people mingling. While the bride and groom are getting ready, this is an excellent location to get portraits taken of the guests. Guests usually appreciate pictures taken at this point. The surroundings provides a great backdrop, the guests are already dressed up and there hasn’t been time for hair to be blown out of place.

The reception hall has large windows which provides soft natural light. As long as sun is still up, you should be able to shoot using the natural light only. The location where the dance is likely to be held does not have any windows. It has colored artificial lighting similar to that which is found in a club. Plan on shooting with slow shutter speeds during the dance/night time reception.

While the ceremony in this location will not be right on the beach and the beach will not be directly in the background, it is nearby. After the ceremony is a good time to take the bride and groom to the beach to get some casual sand shots.

The Balboa Inn in Newport Beach is a beautiful location to have a wedding. Shot properly this location will contribute to a memorable wedding photographic collection.

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