The Ranch at Laguna Beach Wedding
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The Ranch at Laguna Beach Wedding

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The Ranch at Laguna Beach Wedding

Laguna Beach weddings are incredible events that combine your most special day with the one you love, and beach settings that are unforgettable! You can start planning your event today! It doesn’t matter if you’re not engaged yet. It doesn’t even matter if you’re not even dating someone right now! With all of the amazing locations, you can take your friends to explore the plethora of incredible beaches and parks- and while they’re having a fabulous time soaking in the panoramic views and stunning rock formations, you can secretly be storing these ideas away for when you’re planning your own special day!

The single most popular place for Laguna Beach weddings is the Heisler Park gazebo which looks over the bluffs at the ocean. This is a fantastic location with incomparable views, grassy areas, beach access and access to public facilities. Any events held at a park, beach, or any public location, will require you to obtain a Laguna Beach Wedding Permit well in advance of your planned date. If you are considering Heisler Park gazebo as a possible location for your ceremony, I recommend that you submit your completed permit forms to the City of Laguna Beach as early as possible, because during the busy summer season reservations for the gazebo fill up very quickly. Two primary concerns that you may have with the Heisler Park gazebo location may include challenges with parking during the summer months, and the constant tourist pedestrian traffic that will also be enjoying the park.

If you are confident that you’d like to have your ceremony in the sand or on the bluffs, there are many other public beaches and parks that you should explore prior to making your final decision. Other beautiful sites can be found at Treasure Island Park and on the sand of several Laguna Beach beaches.

As you consider specific beaches for your wedding, plan for which features are desirable for your party and your guests. Many beaches have stairway access that may be difficult for some guests to navigate. If you think you will need a restroom nearby to accommodate extended photo shoots or longer ceremonies, that may also help to rule out certain venues.

Many couples operating with a larger budget choose to satisfy their desire for Laguna Beach weddings by celebrating their vows at one of the lavish local resorts. Two of the most popular facilities to celebrate your vows are the Montage Resort and the Surf and Sand Hotel. The wedding coordinators at either of these luxurious facilities will likely offer several options and packages which vary in their pricing, extravagance, and specific location on each property.

Since Laguna Beach weddings are so popular, there are also a myriad of fantastic local wedding photographers, wedding planners, and florists available to help make your day amazing and capture the day for eternity. Visit our site to find out more about everything you need to know to plan your Laguna Beach weddings.

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