Best Palm Springs Wedding Venues
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Best Palm Springs Wedding Venues

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Best Palm Springs Wedding Venues

Are you looking for a great place for your wedding in Southern California? If you need plenty of sunshine or a place that has held many famous weddings, Palm Springs is one of the best places to go for your wedding. Not only did Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio get married here, but Elvis and Priscilla also had a one year lease on their Palm Springs home called the Home of Tomorrow. If you want your wedding guests to have a fun time, you can also help them by booking a golf or spa resort that offers a lot of amenities and relaxation.

Wedding Venues
There are many luxury hotels in the area and you’ll be able to find spas, hotels, and casinos to accommodate your party. When it comes to weddings, you might want to splurge on a higher end hotel that has had experience. The Viceroy and the Parker hotel are the higher end hotels that have had experience, but there are also numerous other hotels that can handle your party and the catering. The Riviera and the Rancho Las Palmas Hotels are also great hotels if you have a bigger party.

Wedding Photographers
Wedding photographers can really make your wedding remembered for years to come. You really want to make sure that you have good communication with your wedding photographer, and make sure that they come on time and understand your needs. If you want a Palm Springs photographer, you should definitely check out Heather Parker, Joy Marie, and Scott Campbell, as they have their wedding photography portfolios online so you can check out their work and see if you would like the photographer shooting your wedding album.

Wedding Tips

If you can, you should definitely get a wedding planner. Not only will your wedding planner tell you exactly what to do, your planner can also give you much needed calm and advice when the time comes necessary. You want to make sure that you stay within budget. While it may be tempting to throw a very lavish wedding, you must plan for the days after the wedding, such as the honeymoon as well as other expenses of married life. A wedding is a big decision and should be handled with care. Generally speaking, you want to make sure that everything is booked ahead of time, as last minute accidents can and often do occur,so you want to also have options in case something is amiss. In general, Palm Springs is a great location with many accommodations, and you’ll be sure to find this place a wedding venue you won’t forget.

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