Waterfront Wedding Venues Long island
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Waterfront Wedding Venues Long Island

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Waterfront Wedding Venues Long Island

Waterfront weddings can be the most beautiful and least expensive weddings. Nature’s beauty is far more enchanting than that in which any designer can create. With that stated, you should find a large body of water nearest you. Note: Always try to arrange your wedding close enough as to not inconvenience your guests. Planning far away weddings will decrease the number of people that will be able to attend.

Some important pointers:
Find out who owns the property to ask permission to see if you can hold your wedding there.

It is usually best to wed on a Saturday because most people are off work and will be able to attend your wedding.

Make sure you are close enough to the water to get a great view, but far enough away that your plans may not be ruined by rising waters or an unexpected wave.

If you know at least one year in advance where the location of your wedding will be, ask the owner of the property if you can plant the flowers of your choice in a select spot. If not, you may stop by your local Wal-Mart or nursery to purchase some fully grown flowers close to the day of your wedding.

For seating, you have a few inexpensive and creative options. You can go through a rental company to rent chairs and chair covers. If you want to make it extra personal, and have the time to do so, you can also create your own chair covers. Many fabric stores sell fabric for $1 a yard. You can use a folding chair in the store to measure how much fabric you will need. You can also find a ribbon or use fabric to create the bow on the chair and use a hot glue gun to secure the fabric.

While it is good to hire a caterer, you may lessen the price by having close family members cook their specialities. Your guests will definitely enjoy home cooked food over the traditional wedding food.

As far as your wedding cake, you can find very low priced cakes from your local bakery. If you cannot afford to feed cake to the large amount of guests coming, purchase or have someone bake a large number of cupcakes for the children. Decorate it with vanilla frosting and set several of them (in decorative form) up on a beautiful silver platter. You can also use lace coasters to add a little elegance.

A live singer or band is a fantastic addition to any wedding! Check your local artist listing. Some artists are looking for exposure and just an agreement to send them a copy of the video tape for their portfolio is payment enough.

These are just some of the few great things you can do to bring your waterfront paradise wedding alive!

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