San Diego Botanic Garden Wedding
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San Diego Botanic Garden Wedding

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San Diego Botanic Garden Wedding

Fresh flowers are something we just can not do without at weddings. If you are a Spring bride and plan to enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature in the outdoors, spring wedding favors are just what you will need to give your wedding a hint of the frolicking nature of the season. Flower and garden wedding favors are popular choices for spring weddings because they bring a unique flavor to your wedding and present something beautiful and functional to your guests that they will cherish.

Here are some of the popular floral and garden themed wedding favors that will really lend themselves to your nuptials. A gift of aromatic freshness like lavender-rose potpourri, botanical bath salts and natural soaps packaged in small gift bags and hand-embroidered sachets with floral themes and personalized with your names and wedding date are just a few popular choices. Your guests will love to keep these for display and scenting their rooms.

Pressed flower candles with beeswax candles scented with essential oils and decorated with a decoupage of pressed flowers look stylish and expensive, but are really cost effective. Even glass votives that are ornamented with floral glory are fantastic floral wedding favors that will become a conversation piece when they are laid out on the reception tables.

Personalized seed packets with a cute spring quote will bring out the green thumbs in your guests. Adorable seed packets with “It’s Spring thyme, Love is blooming” written across it and decorated with a sweet bow will really win over your guests. Even miniature burlap bags that look like the real ones you see that hold seeds are delightful garden wedding favors.

You can also get wine bottle stoppers that are decorated with roses, daisies, daffodils and even elegant calla lilies that look feminine, which will make your bottle of bubbly look superb. Even beaded wine glass charms in various shapes like flowers, dragonflies and ladybugs give your wine glasses a fresh look.

Edible flower and garden wedding favors include cookies in various shapes like daisies, look delectable and totally melt in the mouth. Even herbal teas can be packaged into beautiful packages that your wedding guests can enjoy with cookies in the evening. Chocolate roses will have your guests swooning and if they actually last till your guests reach home, they can be used to decorate cakes and confections.

Mini topiaries are not just garden wedding favors, they can also double up as place holders on your table and then your guests can take them home as little decorative elements. Photo album favors shaped like photo frames and adorned with garden themes like butterflies and flowers are oh-so-perfect for your wedding reception tables and as reminders of your wedding day bliss.

Teacups and teapots are something that are collector’s items and you can easily get small little tea sets to give to your guests as wedding favors if you are following a floral and garden theme or you are having a Victorian tea party-like wedding. They are extremely tasteful.

Finally, there is all this and many other adorable wedding favors that will be wonderful pick-me-ups if you are planning a garden themed wedding. These favors will be a delight to give and receive alike.

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