Surf City Yacht Club Wedding
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Surf City Yacht Club Wedding

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Surf City Yacht Club Wedding

From humble wooden barges to high-speed fiberglass vessels, the yacht has managed to keep its appeal as a luxury vehicle intact over the centuries. And as with all luxury vehicles, like the sedan, it has managed to find a number of unique places in our collective, western culture. Yes, while a more in-depth analysis if culture is beyond the scope of this humble paean to the yacht, it must be mentioned how wonderfully this vessel has adapted itself to become a floating nuptial palace.

In the same way a traditional wedding ceremony is hinged on the backdrop, so too, must a yacht wedding attend to such details as the skyline, the view, and the condition of the seas. And, just as a traditional wedding, especially if it is being hosted outdoors, must abide by the whims of the weather, so too must the yacht wedding. Thankfully, for those couples exchanging vows in Southern California, foul weather is rare and sunshine abundant.

With the onset of the planning phase, it is advisable to broker the services of a reputable yacht service. Given the fact that the Port of Los Angeles is teaming with ships of all kind, it may be intimidating to simply show up and expect to find a captain of a yacht sipping ale on a cargo crate. If you happen to, be advised you are on the set of a film. No, your search will prove infinitely more fruitful by heading north to Marina del Rey.

The Marina has long been the dock and mooring of choice for part-time, suburban sailors and nautical ne’er-do-wells. While a proliferation of sailboats are always on parade, the Marina is also home to a few choice yacht services. Here, you will find the vessel you need to bring your yacht wedding dreams to life. Be advised, you would do well to contact the yacht service — or services — in advance so they can prepare a list of applicable services.

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