Rancho Nicasio Wedding
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Rancho Nicasio Wedding

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Rancho Nicasio Wedding

The photographer is the single most important element for obtaining a memorable wedding photographic collection. However, the location also makes a significant impact. The Rancho Capistrano in Orange County can, if photographed skillfully, help create a photographic wedding collection that will be valued for years to come.

One beautiful spot where most photographers will shoot in this location is along the wooded cattle fence. The fence is about 3 feet high and is made form split longs. It runs along a rolling hill covered with grass and trees. This images captures in this location, if turned if colored black and white, sepia, or a light pastel, give the impression of stepping out of a simpler time.

The mission-styled buildings also contribute to the effect of shooting in a different era. Most brides will request a bridal shot while looking out the window. In this case the windows have Spanish style shutters that are in a room with 19th century furniture. A photograph in these settings, turned black and white, will bring an artistic rendition of a 19th century bride, not a 21st century bride. This adds a nice bit of variety to a wedding package.

There is a fairly large brownish-red bridge which crosses a small lake. There are two good ways of shooting this bridge. The first is being on the bridge as the couple walks across it. The bridge creates a nicely framed shot with the bridge providing to lines that meet at one point off in the distance – much like shooting on a train track. Shooting a couple walking in this location can give the feel of a couple walking into eternity.

The other perspective on which to shoot this bridge is to have the couple stand on the bridge and the photographer is off the bridge shooting from the shore. This allows the photographer to capture the water, bridge, couple and unusual canopy over the bridge. The effect, with the palm trees in the background gives the impression of being in South American village. Shooting on this bridge works best when there is at least some cloud cover, as there really isn’t really any shade in the middle of the bridge.

While so much of the outcome of a photographic wedding collection depends on the photographer, the location matters significantly as well. Rancho Capistrano is a location that, if photographed correctly will contribute greatly to a wedding album – especially if the couple is looking not for a modern look but for a more retro 19th century approach.

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