Marriage In Ancient Greece
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Marriage in Ancient Greece

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Marriage in Ancient Greece

The people who lived in ancient Greece thrived nearly 4000 years ago. The civilization was based on Europe and today the area is known as Bulgaria and Turkey. The rulers of the Greek civilization were in thirst of capturing other civilizations. So the empires spread their culture all over the Europe. Nobody could defeat them and they were the most powerful civilization that lived on earth between 2000 BC to 146 BC.

Many Greek parents wanted their child to be a boy, because only a son could look after them later in their life. The daughters went away after the marriage and they even wanted to give a dowry. The Greek houses were made with sun-dried bricks and most of them were small. There were slaves for the rich people and those slaves had to do every work of them. They produced their own cloth from cotton or linen materials.

The Greeks were very religious and they thought that the Gods and Goddesses looked after them while living in a cloud palace which is placed above the Olympus Mountain. Athens was the capital city of Greece and people who lived there became rich with valuable sources of silver and marble. Democracy was invented to the world by the people who lived in Athens and only male people were given the right to vote for something. They got together and talked about the issues prevailing in the country and those meeting places can be seen even today.

While the people of Athens were trying to form a government based on democracy, the rivals who were known as Spartans had two kings. One of them stayed with the people and the other went for battles. The Spartans were very good at battles and they spent a lot of time training for them.

The first Olympic Games were also started in the ancient Greece over 2700 years ago. The first games were held in Olympia, in the honor of Zeus, who was considered as the king of Gods. The Greek culture was full with arts and most of the cities had theaters. All of them were open theaters and people gathered in those to enjoy dramas and music. A rich architecture prevailed at that time and it can even be seen from the ruins left. The Greek sculptors had the talent to make figures of Gods and people and those statues were kept on towns and temples.

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